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Shortcode Elements

Shortcodes are simple set of functions for creating various HTML elements in the post content without writing complex code. Whether you are an advanced blogger or just starting out, using shortcodes will help you add beautiful elements and layouts to your website without any technical knowledge.

Abacus WordPress Theme comes with prepackaged CC Essentials plugin which contains the CC Shortcodes. When you active the theme, you will be prompted to install the CC Essentials plugin. Once installed, you can start using CC Shortcodes in the post-editor screen right away.

CC Shortcodes take WordPress shortcodes another level. When you purchase this theme, you get CC Shortcodes for free. With it, you can add various web-elements in your blog posts and pages. These web-elements include buttons, notification boxes, animated accordion boxes, tabbed content, testimonials / quotes, icon-boxes, image and video embeds, Google Map embeds, dropcaps, labels and much more. In addition to this, CC Shortcodes also offer various layout-modes to arrange your content in columns of different sizes. Here is an entire list of shortcodes that you can use.

Content based:

  • Buttons
  • Notification boxes
  • Accordion boxes
  • Tabbed content
  • Testimonials
  • Icon-boxes
  • Horizontal ruler

Typography based:

  • Dropcaps
  • Labels

Layout based:

  • ½ + ½
  • ⅓ + ⅓ + ⅓
  • ⅔ + ⅓
  • ¼ + ¼ + ¼ + ¼
  • ¾ + ¼